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Club Challenge 2017 Results

The "Chateau Vaudois" trophy celebrated the closing of the sporting year and the final of the club challenge won by Remy Casella. His titles will be in play next year 1st Men serie: Remy Casella 1st Women serie: Gisèle Roustan 2nd Men serie: Bertrand Morisset 2nd Women serie: Marie-Claire Emery 3rd mixed serie: Natalia Pieranski Congratul...

Active since 01/05/16
Local Rules Changes

We have modified the local rules by editing the new scorecard that use our new slopes & SSS.- The Laurel trees and the cypresses marking 135m are not anymore immovable obstructions- On the first 9 holes, have been added new violet distance marks that represents children departure for competitionTo view our new scorecar: Click Here The rules...

Active since 09/04/16
New Slopes & SSS

Following the calibration of our 18 holes in March, new slopes and SSS have been determined.To know how many additionals strokes you get, view our new Card characteristics and the evolution of the maintenance of our Golf are now reflected with theses new figures. It will be therefore...

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