the 18 hole course

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Technical Characteristics

18 trous
Par 71
5897 mètres
Architecte: Michel Gayon
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Black White Yellow Blue Red
SSS Men 73 72.6 70.9 68.9 66.9
Slopes Men 149 145 144 140 136
SSS Women 76.9 74.4 71.9
Slopes Women 152 147 134

Roquebrune Golf Resort is ideally located between Cannes and Saint Tropez in the Var.

A real haven of peace in natural surroundings, which offers more than 5 kilometers nature trail, combining different challenges: Over 40 bunkers and six water hazards.

Trou 1

Position yourself on the left hand side for the first shot in order to avoid the fairways bank. Try not to putt downslope.

PAR 4 / HCP 16

Trou 2

Play from the left (right hand side is out of bounds); aim for the right side of the green. Do not go over the other side of the green.

PAR 4 / HCP 10

Trou 3

Open up the angle to the green by lining up to the left at the tee. A driver is not strictly necessary.

PAR 4 / HCP 6

Trou 4

Out of limits on either side. Be bold and go for a bogey.

PAR 3 / HCP 12

Trou 5

Play the hole on the right hand side of the fairways. Play to the middle of the green.

PAR 5 / HCP 4

Trou 6

Start with a draw. Aim for the top of the flag on the second shot.

PAR 4 / HCP 8

Trou 7

Good players can play the dogleg from the right. Bank up to the green from right to left.

PAR 4 / HCP 2

Trou 8

Play to the middle of this green that is wider than it is longer.

PAR 3 / HCP 18

Trou 9

Beware of the water obstacle situated in the middle of the fairways 300 metres from the tee. Do not pass the green on the third shot.

PAR 5 / HCP 14

Trou 10

Large double level green. Do not hesitate to "over-club" when going for the green.

PAR 4 / HCP 5

Trou 11

Play prudently on the second shot and then approach the green from the right.

PAR 5 / HCP 1

Trou 12

Play a little to the left in order to miss the out of bounds on the right.

PAR 3 / HCP 13

Trou 13

Do not go for the green with a wood: the ball is likely to roll and end up in the water behind the green.

PAR 4 / HCP 9

Trou 14

Play for bogey by getting your ball on to the edge of the green with the second shot.

PAR 4 / HCP 3

Trou 15

Aim for the back of the green and over-club as the green is raised high.

PAR 3 / HCP 15

Trou 16

Get over the water on the second shot. Raised green; aim for the bump on the right.

PAR 5 / HCP 7

Trou 17

As you wish for the first shot but be careful on the bumps and bunkers on the right.

PAR 4 / HCP 17

Trou 18

Get over the lake with the first shot or use the dropping zone after it.

PAR 3 / HCP 11

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