Voici un panel de questions fréquentes que nous rencontrons au Golf de Roquebrune Resort:

> Where is the Roquebrune golf course?  Roquebrune sur Argens Golf is located in Roquebrune sur Argens (83520) in the Var department at 1308 route du golf. The golf course adjoins the departmental road 7 or CD7 which connects Roquebrune-Sur-Argens to Saint Aygulf

> How many 18-hole golf courses are located in Roquebrune Sur Argens?  There is only one 18-hole golf course in Roquebrune sur Argens: The Roquebrune Golf Resort

> Is it possible to play only 9 holes on the golf course Roquebrune?  It is possible to purchase a 9 hole green fee at golf of Roquebrune. In the morning you will play on the bottom holes of the course (From 10 to 18). The rest of the day, you will play on the top holes of the course (From 1 to 9)

> Does the golf of Roquebrune have a driving range ?  It has more than 30 training posts, a large putting green, and a chipping/ approach green

> Does the golf of Roquebrune has an academy? Yes, the golf has an academy that supervises the golf school, offers courses and private lessons to discover golf or to progress in the practice of this sport

> Is access free to the driving range at Golf de Roquebrune? Yes access is free. However, everyone is asked to respect the etiquette. The tokens for the driving range are on sale at the Golf reception

> Are dogs allowed? Pets are not allowed on the golf course. However they are tolerated at the driving range and in the clubhouse

> Is a specific outfit required for playing golf? Jeans and T-shirts are prohibited for golf practice on our course. In addition golf shoes are required to play.

> How many holes does Roquebrune golf have? The Roquebrune golf resort has 18 holes. It is one of the most beautiful resorts in France

> Is it possible to rent clubs? Yes, the Golf has several sets of golf clubs for rental (Men, Women, Junior, Left-handed … ..) It is recommended reserve when booking your green-fee

> Is the access to the Golf de Roquebrune’s restaurant only for golfers? No, the Restaurant at Roquebrune Golf Resort is open to all: Golfers, hotel guests and visitors. It is known to be the best table in Roquebrune.The Hotel Spa also welcomes outside visitors.

> Is golf a family sport? Golf is one of the only sports where 3 different generations can play in the same party having as much fun as each other

> What is the nearest 18-hole golf course in Saint Aygulf? Golf de Roquebrune Resort is the nearest golf course to Saint-Aygulf.

> Is it possible to play Golf at Les Issambres? Roquebrune Golf Resort is the closest golf course to the Les Issambres district (municipality of Roquebrune sur Argens)

> How many players can a round of golf have? A game of Golf consists of a maximum of 4 players.

> Golf in Roquebrune spaces out the tees offs by how many minutes? At Roqubrune Golf Resort tee times are every 10 minutes.

> What are the regulations to rent a golf cart in Roquebrune? Drivers license and a minimum age of 18 are required to rent a golf cart at Golf de Roquebrune Resort. A maximum of two people can be present on a cart

> Are carts sometimes forbidden at Roquebrune golf? This can be sometimes the case because of the weather conditions: If the ground is too wet because of the rain, or frozen … We advise our customers to visit our website the day of their game, where playing conditions are specified daily

> Can I go everywhere with my golf cart at Roquebrune? Golf carts at Roquebrune all equipped with a GPS. In the summer season (April to October), it is possible to drive on the fairways, but of course not around the greens . All prohibited areas are delimited by green stakes and white ropes. In winter season (November to March), carts are only allowed to drive on the paths or areas designated by the green stakes and white ropes.

> Is it possible to rent electric trolleys at Golf de Roquebrune? Golf de Roquebrune resort, it is only possible to rent manual trolleys or electric carts with GPS

> Is the Golf de Roquebrune private or does it belong to a group? Golf de Roquebrune sur Argens is a private golf course open to the public and is not part of any group.

> Is it possible to play Golf de Roquebrune? It is possible to play at Golf de Roquebrune. It is preferable to book your green fee beforehand. The minimum level required to play the golf course at Roquebrune is the green card

> What is the minimum index or handicap required to play on the golf course at Roquebrune? The minimum level required to play Roquebrune golf course is the green card

> What is the weight of a golf ball? A golf ball must not exceed 45.93 grams.

>From what age can my children start Golf? Our Golf School, has a baby golf section, with children aged from 4 years old

>Is a cart compulsory at Golf de Roquebrune Resort? No, it is not compulsory to play in a cart, we recommend it only during the hot summer periods.

> What is coring? This operation is also known as airing the greens, and consists in maintaining the greens by extracting carrots from the substrate to air the roots of the turf and improve the water drainage . The evacuated substrate is replaced by sand that will gradually disappear through watering, turf regrowth and successive clippings. A delay of one month is necessary to obtain perfect greens again . This operation must be carried out at least twice a year.

>Is it possible to come to play at Golf de Roquebrune by helicopter ? Golf of Roquebrune belongs to a resort which has a heliport a few minutes from the Golf course. Therefore it is possible to come by helicopter. For more information please contact us by email at the following address:

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