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All members of the Roquebrune Sur Argens Golf Club can be a member of the Golf Association of Roquebrune Resort. The membership is included in their subscription fees. To valid membership to the association, the members must fulfill the following two conditions:

Roquebrune Resort Golf Association participates in various Golf competitions in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur and organizes various activities, details to follow:

Group lessons on Wednesdays from 11h to 12h

Excluding school holidays, from autumn to spring at a preferential rate

Upcoming Sessions: Every Wednesday until Wednesday the April 10th

Registration only by email at:, the Monday preceding the lesson. An individual email to confirm participation will be sent.

Competition – Senior Var Cup

Every year, 10 teams of two can enter this competition.
The Game Format is Match Play and in four ball in pairs

The events usually takes place between the months of February and October and involves more than 100 competitors.
Each competitor’s index will be reduced to 18.4 maximum.

Teams wishing to register must inform us by email at ( before January the 20th of each year.

In case more than 10 teams register, a draw will be held to determine the 10 teams.

Competition – Club Challenge

The Match Play Club Challenge takes place from April to October. This free competition is open to all members at Roquebrune Golf Club. Its mission is to determine a male and female Club champion whilst giving you the opportunity to meet new people and sharing your passion for golf!

The principle is simple:
– Inscription only by email at:
– Deadline for registration: March 15th
– All rounds are played in match play, and the looser immediately eliminated

The hole is won by the player who has the lowest net score. The game is won by the player who wins the most holes. A match cannot be shared. In case of a tie at the end of the round, the players continue on “play-off”.
Shots are given according to handicap on the basis of ¾ of the difference between the two players handicaps. All handicaps will be reduced to 21, and the handicap must be updated for each match.

– Organization of the parties:
Each party will decide together the day and time of the match. One of the two players will communicate the result by email,so the results sheet can be updated to :
Players are responsible for organising their own dates and tee times for each match .
Matches must take place in respect of the following deadlines :
1st Match: April
2nd Match (In case of victory): Month of May
3rd Match (In case of victory): Month of June
4th Match (In case of victory): July and August
5th Match (In case of victory): Month of September
6th Match (In case of victory): October

If two players are unable to organize their match within these deadlines , both players will be disqualified.

Day trips to other Golf Courses

Every year Roquebrune Golfing Association will organise at least 2 outings to discover the most beautiful golf courses in the South of France region

These friendly outings include transport, 18-hole green fee and lunch

Coming Soon : March 19th, 2020 – Claux-Amic Golf (06)

Other Competitions

Roquebrune Golfing Association also has various teams involved in different interclub competitions such as the « La Coupe de L’Amitié «  the Women’s Interclub and participates in the Senior League championships.

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