At Golf de Roquebrune, a new ecological project has just come to life: the creation of a Japanese garden, designed to be a haven of peace and an example of biodiversity. This initiative is the result of the commitment and passion of our grounds team, whose expertise has turned this dream into reality.

This Japanese garden is not just an aesthetic addition to our golf course; it is a demonstration of our dedication to the environment and well-being. Every component of the garden, from the wood chips to the meticulously arranged stones, comes from local sources, underlining our commitment to the principle of sustainable development. The arrangement of these natural elements creates a thriving ecosystem that promotes biodiversity and invites meditation.

The design of this garden is inspired by traditional Japanese principles, where harmony and balance with nature are at the heart of the experience. It reflects our vision of a space where natural beauty encourages visitors to connect with the environment, fostering a sense of tranquility and inner peace.

Located at the start of hole 1, the garden offers an immersive experience from the very first moments on the golf course, inviting visitors to begin their round in a Zen state of mind. It testifies to the exceptional expertise of our grounds team, whose passion for preserving nature is palpable in every detail of the garden.

The Japanese garden at Golf de Roquebrune is more than an ecological project; it’s an invitation to our members and visitors to take a moment to appreciate the tranquil beauty of nature, reinforcing our shared commitment to a greener, more peaceful future.